Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sign do I need? That depends on several variables. Is it for indoor or outdoor use? Is it needed for long term or short term? What budget are you working within? What are the ordinance codes in your city? It's best to call one of our Visual Communication Specialists and they will guide you through the sign buying process.

How fast can I get a sign? Same day.

What type of payment do you accept? We accept Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Do you charge for design? It depends. If it's a quick design with a couple changes No. If we're going back and forth for weeks we have to charge a little something for our time.

Do I need a new logo? I always answer this with a question; Do you like your logo enough to get it tattooed on your body? If the answer is no, then you need a new logo.

What is the most cost-effective way of advertising with signage? Hands Down, Vehicle Graphics. A Delivery vehicles make 16 million visual impressions each year, according to the American Trucking Association. You also don't have to deal with permits and local government.

Do you charge extra for additional colors? Nope. All our prices are based on the square footage of the product you're interested and include as many colors as you want.

What size can you print? We can print something as small a postage stamp to something as large as the side of a building.

Do you have references we can contact about your work? Absolutely. We have thousands of satisfied customers that would be happy to tell you how great we are.

Do I really need a video for my website? A video is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results than any other content. It is therefore imperative for every product, brand, and marketing campaign to have a social video element.

What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is similar to traditional direct mail, email can be used to send messages, promotions and information to members of a mailing list. In comparison to direct mail, it is far less expensive and it is possible to monitor exactly who has received the email, who has opened it and who has gone on to visit your website as a result.

What are Vehicle Graphics? They go by several names; auto graphics, car graphics, truck graphics, car decals, truck decals, vehicle wraps, car lettering, truck lettering or car stickers. They refer to putting company information on the automobile, truck or van. It can be as simple as lettering just the driver and passenger doors or as elaborate as covering every inch of the vehicle in vinyl which is called a wrap. They range in price from $99 up to $10,000. Therefore, we can design a package that fits any budget.